Sensei Debby (Yondan)

I started training in 1982. My brother did it so I thought I´d give it a go and here I am still doing it - but maybe not so intense. I think age has something to do with it, and maybe three children doesn´t help either. But at least I can take out all my motherly aggression by training the students harder!

One of my very first lessons was with Master Morio Hiagaonna. After that I was hooked.

Training and gradings passed by, gaining my Shodan Black belt in December 1985. I soon got the ´championship bug´. I loved to train, I loved to compete, I loved to win. Never quite got the hang of losing gracefully however.

I entered many National competitions, two Europeans and one World Championship. The loft is full of over 25 trophies and medals, including English Champion four times in Kumite and Kata and I remain proud of every single one of them.

I passed my Nidan Black belt in December 1987 and then my Sandan Black Belt in June 1991. Then I went for a life change and did the marriage and children thing. I confess my training with Sensei Ernie Molyneux dwindled but enjoying instructing at our club did not.

Judging by the groans of despair when my students discover I am taking the session, I must have the right attitude. They keep coming back.

The club has a very strong junior section, and I am pleased to see my own children working their way up through the grades and following in their parent´s footsteps of winning gold medals in competition.

It reflects the whole ethos of Karate as a character forming discipline that can be enjoyable for the whole family.

Sensei Debby Bussell – Burton 2015

Sensei Paul (Yondan)

I started training in 1987 after seeing a Goju Ryu demonstration in Homefield School by Sensei Ernie Molyneux. That demonstration also included my future wife Debby.

Although the training was hard under Sensei Ernie, I enjoyed the challenge. As my confidence grew I attended lots of training sessions with other senior Instructors, and then started participating in competitions – winning golds in team kumite two years running and an individual silver later. These are the highlights of many years of competition and medals.

I passed my Shodan Black Belt in December 1992.

We started Burton Karate Club in 1993. I really enjoy instructing and seeing the abilities of my students develop. I try to pass on my knowledge using the teaching methods gained from Sensei Ernie and Debby´s brother Sensei Ian Lane (Sandan).

Together with Debby, we train both adults and children to a high standard with more than our fair share going through to be national champions themselves.

My Nidan grading was in June 1995, my Sandan grading three years later in 1998 and my Yondan in 2012.

Sensei Paul Bussell – Burton 2015